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With streaming numbers heading rapidly into the tens of millions, Rachael has consistently been one of the highest streamed Australian female country artists for the past 3 years, second only to Kasey Chambers.

In 2021 Rachael's music has consistently topped the Australian Country radio charts with a total of 8 weeks in the #1 position to date and her best music of the year yet to come!

For the 2017 Toyota star maker winner its been a wild ride of long nights, studio sessions and endless shows that have helped Rachael Fahim position herself as a leader amongst the modern country movement in Australia.

Spending the early part of 2019 in the US, having been invited to perform at SXSW (featuring as the only country artist on the highly coveted Austin 100 from NPR) and lighting a spark in the Nashville songwriting scene Rachael returned to her home in Sydney inspired by her experiences with a host of new songs under her belt.​

A few singles in quick succession including the #1 Country radio hits 'Brake Lights', 'What I don't know' and the commercial crossover duet with Brad Cox 'Even if I wanted to' saw her profile booming, with streaming numbers heading rapidly into the tens of millions and media calling her EP titled Iconic 'simply breathtaking'.


In 2020 Rachael momentarily shifted gear, founding all female Country Rock group 'Southbound' who's October 2020 release 'Find Our Way' appeared at #1 Country Radio and #1 Australian Independent chart whilst their 2021 follow up 'This is us' spent 3 weeks at #1 in the country radio chart position.


Back in the solo arena in 2021 Rachael released the instantly infectious single, 'Middle Ground' which featured Rachael’s trademark anthemic chorus's and emotion evoking storytelling, hitting the irresistible blend of country-pop that Rachael has perfected. The song raced to the #1 chart position and held it for 5 consecutive weeks making Middle Ground the undeniable Country anthem of 2021!


Rachael's latest offering 'Darts in the Dark' a song co-written with Rosi Golan (Little Big Town, Christina Aguilera), Ned Houston and Robby Desa (The Veronicas, MAY-A Cumming) which is out now!

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